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Financial education is the key to financial literacy. A person's ability to effectively manage their money is directly affected by their ability to manage their emotions and mindset. So, we are excited about assisting you with education, guidance and support on your journey to self-sufficiency. 

We promote financial awareness as the catalyst for wellness and wealth. It's because we understand the connection between Emotional Intelligence and Financial Education that we are able to guide you to the next level in your own finances.

Here you will learn about your financial options while receiving guidance about how to take action with regard to:

Financial Education,

Financial Awareness &

Financial Literacy


 We can teach you the answers to many questions you don't yet know to ask. We also have access to knowledge and resources that can increase your confidence when having conversations about money. We want you to understand how money works and how to make your money work for you.

We look forward to getting to know you and working with you. Whether you're just starting out or you're looking for a fresh perspective at this advanced stage of your journey, feel free to browse through this website and schedule a Clarity Connection.  


Our programs support you in navigating a clear path to creating the reality of your dreams. Enjoy our blog articles and watch videos from our library discussing a healthy relationship with money, supporting life transitions through financial strategies (including adulting, marriage, parenthood, divorce, retirement, grief support, etc.) and recovering from life traumas through mindset mastery (including housing insecurity, domestic violence & abuse, and freedom recovery).


Now is your TYM2THRIVE with educational programs available at your convenience and an enthusiastic qualified educator ready to serve you.


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